Hi all,
What at an amazing day!! The Training Day today at Junee High School and the Senior Citizens rooms started us all on a  steep learning curve in blower door and infrared technology.
WIN and Prime TV will be running reports on tonight‘s local news. I am unable to record them unfortunately so please do so if you can.
The ABC will run on ABC radio tomorrow or Wednesday. I will let you now when I am notified.
Thank you to all those who participated. In particular Ed Maher (CSU), all of the Junee Community Power Inc. participants, CROW Wagga participation, our wonderful senior citizens our trades people and Jen, Andy and Kalia from Junee High School.
You have all done Junee proud.
Thank you,
Dennis Lambert
Junee Community Power Inc.


Junee Community Power Inc. has send out Technical Specifications and cover letters to solar installers today. We have only chosen the best in business for our installs.

If you or family/friends are considering installing solar on your house or business and want to do it through Junee Community Power Inc. group buy system and save on supply and install cost, send us an email on or pm on our facebook page, junee community power Inc.